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Natalie Tischler Art

City Lunch Break by the Water | Giclée Art Print

City Lunch Break by the Water | Giclée Art Print

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Soft pastels UArt 400 sanded paper.

Inspired by artist Edward Dufner, this was my first soft pastel painting on UArt sanded paper. It is shocking the difference nice paper makes in creating art, but I guess it’s all about understanding and respecting the properties of the medium you’re working with. As I’ve delved deeper into art over the past several years, I’ve come to understand a lot more about the mediums I work with and that’s also increased my passion for art. This reminds me that as I’ve gotten to know God more and more throughout my life, I love Him more and my faith in Him is deeper than I could have ever imagined. Pressing into Him and trusting His character in the scariest times has made me even more sure that He is who He says He is.

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Giclée Print on Fine Art Paper

This print is printed on Fine Art Paper using Giclée printing method Giclée prints offer ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors. Fine Art Paper is a thick matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture. The weight is 200 GSM.