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Natalie Tischler Art

Lake Lew Sunset | Giclée Art Print

Lake Lew Sunset | Giclée Art Print

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Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

My friend Mikel watches sunrises and sunsets almost every day, and sometimes I have to paint them. I love her mindset of seeking beauty, and I try to do that as much as I can, too. It’s so easy to forget and allow myself to get bogged down by the hard parts of life. But if we look for it, we will see it. I painted this specific sunset with only 3 colors to keep it simple so I could lead a group of women through the painting. Even with the same colors, the same instruction, and the same goal, each of the paintings looked very different in their own beautiful ways.  If we all shared the beauty we found throughout our days, we would each come up with different things God showed us, too. He is faithful and kind to each of us individually, and He knows us intimately.

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Giclée Print on Fine Art Paper

This print is printed on Fine Art Paper using Giclée printing method Giclée prints offer ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors. Fine Art Paper is a thick matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture. The weight is 200 GSM.